Do want to grow your business during this unusual time by getting new clients consistently?

Here’s One of The Most Powerful Way To Generate Leads Which Works
Again and Again.

Dear friend,

Do you know what is the biggest challenge for business owners?

"Generate Quality Leads Consistently!"

Have you ever thought of building your own Quiz/Assessment?

Quiz/assessment is one the most powerful way to generate quality leads which is specific to your brand. No one can copy!

Why Quiz?


Generate quality leads

Only interested people would engage and take time to go through the whole quiz/assessment and give away their contact details. With the quiz/assessment you understand them better. You can talk in the same language to build rapport.


Engage your audience.

Quiz and assessment are one of the most powerful mediums to attract and engage with the audience. It immediately satisfies curiosity. The quiz can be used as a fun and entertaining way to engage with the audience using social media and other online platforms.


Educate and train

Quiz and assessments are one of the most powerful ways to educate and train the audience. You can provide custom advice or feedback. Also, a summary of the results provides very powerful insights.

Who is it for?

  • The quiz/assessment works for Coaches & Consultants.
  • It works for Online Businesses.
  • It works for eCommerce Businesses too.
  • Quiz/assessment even works for Offline Brick and Mortar Businesses.
  • It works for Marketing and Sales Professionals who want to generate red-hot leads, fast.
  • It works for Professional Practice Owners who want to generate new customers, clients, or patients.
  • It works in a Business-to-Business environment too.

Simply put, Quiz/assessment works for anyone who wants to generate more leads, customers, clients, and sales… FAST.

But Creating Great Quiz/assessment Your Own Is Hard Work!



You don't want to spend weeks and months on creating your quiz/assessment.

There’s no need to sit and stare for hours at a blank page.

There’s no need to spend hours of your life creating a quiz/assessment. Or 3-4 weeks of your life, crafting the perfect quiz/assessment. Only to have them flop.

So what is the solution?

Instead of wasting all of that time and energy trying to build a quiz/assessment yourself, why not hire me to create a winning quiz/assessment instead?

When you do, you access the magic behind a powerful quiz/assessment.

You see, I’ve used the same system to build dozens of winning and powerful quizzes/assessments.

Who Am I?



My name is Hitesh.

I am CEO, Author, Speaker, and Master Strategist.

I have my own quiz/assessment software that has been built by my team and me investing thousands of hours. My strategically chosen path of providing quiz/assessment development services as well as the quiz/assessment software makes me unique.

I have unique skills in having business acumen, marketing skills, and software skills to create something unique and spectacular.

How can I help?

  • I have unique skills in having business acumen, marketing skills, and software skills to create something unique and spectacular.
  • I own and built a quiz/assessment platform. I know it from inside out to optimise completely the quiz/assessment I have created for you.
  • Heck, with my Quiz/assessment Development Support, you don’t even have to have a technical, marketing or software skill to create a unique branded quiz/assessment which attracts hundreds of leads consistently.

Three Choices

Do It Yourself

You do it yourself.

Done With You

You will do the bulk of work with my guidance.

  • Co-creation of the quiz/assessment.
  • You will get all the guidance and support.
  • Time to finish project depends mainly on how much time allocated by you.

Done For You

I will do the bulk of the work.

  • I will be solely responsible. I will just need your input.
  • The project would be finished quickly within 1 week to 2 weeks.

What is my process for Quiz/Assessment Development?

Well, here is my process for Quiz/assessment Development...

STEP #1: Set a Clear Business Goal

STEP #2: Get Clarity about Ideal Clients

STEP #3: Do the Business Research

STEP #4: Choose the Quiz Topic, Title and Type

STEP #5: Choose the Results

STEP #6: Choose Questions and Answers

STEP #7: Capture Leads

STEP #8: Prepare Email Sequence and Integrate

STEP #9: Share and Promote Quiz Strategically

STEP #10: Analyse the Analytics and Take Appropriate Measures

What Are Others Already Saying About Quiz/assessment Development Service?


“I had the pleasure of working with Hitesh as he built my Career Fitness Quiz and also took time and effort to do extensive research in that area, including major competitors. He has a great understanding of business, tech and growth strategies and is uniquely positioned to help grow a small business like mine. He is not only an expert in his field but is great at explaining concepts and turning them into tangible products that can drive your business forward. He is super committed, generous with his time, insightful, patient and very quick at producing results. I cannot wait to launch my Career Fitness Quiz and generate thousands of new leads, whilst giving excellent value to my potential customers! All thanks to Hitesh! I recommend him whole-heartedly, your expectations will be surpassed if you work with Hitesh!”
Jelena Radonjic
Career Coach, WhatWork


And allow me to sweeten the pot a little?

Please accept the following bonuses when you invest in Quiz/assessment Development today…

FREE Bonus #1:

I will give 3 months free subscription for your quiz/assessment which will be hosted at UK based secured dedicated server.

Value: £87 to £597

FREE Bonus #2:

2 hours coaching on Quiz/assessment upon completion or whenever you want

Value: £300

FREE Bonus #3:

Quiz Analysis after 1 month of launching

I will work with you to evaluate the results and if required we will make tweaks to optimise quiz/assessment results.

Value: £500

100% Money Back Guarantee

When you sign up for Quiz/assessment Development Service today, you’re fully covered.

You’ll have to ask for refunds if you are not happy with the quiz/assessment created by me... And, if you don’t love it…

You simply let us know, and we’ll give you your money back. Every penny.

There won’t be any hard feelings either.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is your service?

    I am offering a Quiz/Assessment Development Service to develop the amazing quiz/assessment bespoke for your business which generates leads and sales quickly and effectively.

  • How much do you charge?

    There is no fixed charge. As it depends upon what kind of service you want. E.g. Whether you want just help in developing your quiz/assessment or you want me to develop quiz/assessment with little input?

  • How long does it take?

    Again, it depends. But it would take anywhere from one week to one month.

  • What would be my involvement?

    You are an expert in your business. So it would be wise to always have your input. However, depending upon your business requirement and your schedule, we can decide your involvement.

  • What process do you follow?

    I follow the 10 step process as highlighted above in the section What Exactly Are You Getting Within Quiz/Assessment Development Service?

  • What is the guarantee?

    I give a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the outcome, you simply let us know and we’ll give you your money back. Every penny.

  • Do you have any examples?

    We have plenty of examples. Please have a look at


    Outcome Quiz:

    True/false Quiz:

  • Which software would you use?

    I use my own software which has been developed over the last 3 years by spending thousands of hours. Please have a look http://GrowthWorkbook/quiz.html

  • Can you use the software I propose?

    Of course, if you would like me to use the software you propose, I would be happy to do so.

  • Why me?

    Developing quiz/assessment to meet your business goals requires many skills such as business skill, marketing skill, research skill and technical skill. I have 10+ years of business experience across a wide range of industries. I have an MBA in marketing. I own two enterprise software. I have been known as a master strategist by customers and other business people. So I am in the best position to get results for you. Fast.