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Create a powerful engaging quiz of self-assessment to generate leads and engage with prospects.


What is the Quiz & Assessment platform?

It is online software, which allows you to create an engaging quiz or assessment while generating leads.

Why Quiz?


Engage your audience.

The quiz is one of the most powerful medium to attract and engage with the audience. It immediately satisfies curiosity. The quiz can be used as a fun and entertaining way to engage with the audience using in social media and other online platforms.


Generate quality leads

Only interested people would engage with the audience and take time to go through the whole quiz and give away their contact details. With quiz you understand them better can talk in the same language to build rapport.


Educate and train

Quiz and assessments are one of the most powerful ways to educate and train the audience. You can provide custom advice or feedback. Also summary of the results provides very powerful insights.

How does it work?

  1. 1

    Create a Persona

    • Add Question
    • Set Question Score
    • Options Score
  2. 2

    Configure Results

    Calculate and Show Result

  3. 3

    Set Offer

    If the required set offer for each result.

  4. 4

    Get Leads

    Capture the lead

  5. 5


    Share the quiz including social media

  6. 6

    Analyse Results

    • Overall quiz stats
    • Grading report
    • Detail stats of each question
    • Leads acquired
    • The answer of each lead

The types of the quiz?

  • Score/Graded

    Each answer has a score value. At the end of the quiz, you will get a unique score range.

    You can create a quiz like

    • Can you pass this general knowledge test?
    • Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Mindset?
    • Do You Need Coaching?
  • Pass/Fail

    Each question has only one correct answer. You will get a score and pass or fail.

    You can create a quiz like

    • How Much Do You Know About Marketing?
    • How Business Savvy Are You?
    • What is Your Emotional Quotient (EQ)?
  • Outcome/Personality

    At the end of the quiz, you will be identified with unique personality type.

    You can create a quiz like

    • Where should you go on vacation?
    • What kind of entrepreneur are you?
    • What Is Your Leadership Style?
    • What’s Your Biggest Strength?

Why Us?

Capture Leads

The quiz is one of the most effective ways to generate qualified leads. See how each quiz taker performed.

Result based offer

At the end of the quiz give different offer based on a specific result to drive even more quiz taker engagement.

Smart choices

You can score each question. You can add explanations to each question which would be displayed at the result screen.


Get vital and powerful statistics for each quiz. Get an overview, Grade/Result summary and each question wise statistics

Sharing options

Share the quiz on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Email Notifications

Quiz attendant can get email summary. Also anytime some attend quiz, email response sends for immediate action.

Easy to use

Intuitive interface and step by step process make it easy and fun to create a quiz.

Responsive to all devices

The quiz will look beautiful on any devices mobiles, tablets, and desktops. Fully responsive.

White-labelled for your brand

You add your own branding including logo. You can then embed in your website.

Readymade templates

Choose readymade templates prepared by experts spending dozens of hours.

Awesome support

You can depend on us. We can handheld if you need help.

Secure and stable

Most powerful software secured platform. Data hosted in one of the best reputed UK datacenters.

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I am using Growth Workbook as a lead generation as well as a qualifying tool to better understand the needs of my potential clients before we embark on their business development journey. It is providing excellent value to my potential customers upfront while helping me to connect with my customer in a meaningful way. I highly recommend this software.

Dean Williams
Sales Manager, Exclusive Visions

At Global Educ8tions, we provide online learning college and through the Society of Sales Innovation, we provide world-class sales training. As a part of both initiatives, we need to support various types of quizzes and assessments to support our wider vision of creating a powerful learning and training platform. Growth Workbook perfectly fits our needs. It’s robust, secure and simple to use.

Vonley Joseph
Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Business & Sales Planning Specialist

I had the pleasure of working with Hitesh as he built my Career Fitness Quiz and also took time and effort to do extensive research in that area, including major competitors. He has a great understanding of business, tech and growth strategies and is uniquely positioned to help grow a small business like mine. He is not only an expert in his field but is great at explaining concepts and turning them into tangible products that can drive your business forward. He is super committed, generous with his time, insightful, patient and very quick at producing results. I cannot wait to launch my Career Fitness Quiz and generate thousands of new leads, whilst giving excellent value to my potential customers! All thanks to Hitesh! I recommend him whole-heartedly, your expectations will be surpassed if you work with Hitesh!

Jelena Radonjic
Career Coach, What Work

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