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World class business experts suggest number #1 task you should do is to have absolute clarity regarding your ideal client in as much as detail possible.

  • What

    What is Buyer Persona?

    Buyer personas are a detailed generalised representation of the best buyers or the ideal buyers so we know exactly who they are so their demographic, psychographic, geographic, behavioural characteristics, but most importantly their buying behaviour regarding what they buy, when they buy, where they buy, how they buy and most importantly why they buy.

  • Why

    Why Buyer persona important?

    Know your customer

    Who they are? What, why, when, where and how they buy? So you can attract more such customers. Shortened sales cycle.

    Better marketing

    Increase marketing effectiveness by connecting to the right customer, with the right content or offer at the right time. Better allocation of resources.

    Shared understanding

    Shared an understanding of buyer among different business functions such as sales, marketing, and customer service

    Different Customers

    Get more clarity regarding your existing customers, best customers, ideal customers as well as negative customers.

  • Who

    Who will benefit from this Buyer Persona Platform?

    Anyone who need to get new customers and generate sales.

    • Business Owner
    • Entrepreneur/Startup Founder
    • Business Coach/Sales & Marketing Consultant
    • Sales Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Anyone associated with a digital marketing agency

    This software applies to small, medium and large size businesses as well as non-profit organisations.

What is Buyer Persona Software?

Buyer Persona Software helps you to create, collaborate, share and present buyer persona.

How does it work?

  1. 1

    Create a Persona

    Create a Persona you need using the template.

  2. 2


    Accelerate the process by collaborating and sharing with relevant stakeholders.

  3. 3


    Once finalised present online or download in pdf format.

Why Us?

Readymade templates

Choose readymade templates prepared by experts spending dozens of hours.


Collaborate with relevant stockholder by inviting them.


You can export persona into pdf to share with other or further analysis.

User roles and teams

Create users with different roles to get things done. Effectively delegate responsibilities.

Add Picture

You can add a picture of the persona for better-shared understanding.

White labelled for your brand

You can add your own branding including your logo.

Easy to use

Intuitive interface and step by step process, making it easy and fun to create a persona.

Awesome support

Get the support you need to get the best out of the persona platform. You can depend on us.

Secure and stable

Most powerful and secure platform. Data hosted in one of the best reputed UK datacentres.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01. What is Growth Workbook software?

    The growth Workbook software would help you to define buyer persona. You can able to save different persona as well as export into pdf.

    This guide divided into the following eight sections. Each section has a subsection.
    1. Company Demographic Characteristic
    2. Personal Characteristic
    3. Psychographic Characteristic
    4. Geographic Segmentation
    5. Behavioural Segmentation
    6. Wealth Segmentation
    7. Technology Awareness/Usage Segmentation
    8. Buyer Behaviour Segmentation

  • 02. There are free buyer persona templates available. Why should I buy this?

    Of course, there are free buyer persona templates.
    1. All templates follow a rigid structure which may or may not suitable to your unique style or your client’s requirement.
    2. We have spent hundreds of hours to produce this most comprehensive platform. We have defined more than 100 criteria. More than 80 such criteria have multi-choice values so you don't need to waste time on research. E.g. If you ask yourself or client question “What industry you are targeting?” You or your client needs to think and even if you answer, you may miss vital industries. This platform for this question gives you all industries to choose from. Similarly for other 79 such questions. This platform has many questions which could transform your business or your client's business.
    3. You can collaborate with your team members.
    4. You can share with other stakeholders such as a client or team as well as export in pdf
    This is the most comprehensive buyer persona software you may ever find.

  • 03. While creating a buyer persona, what is the most important demographic, psychographic, geographic aspects or buying behaviour aspects?

    Both are important. You can't ignore either of them without a deep understanding of buyer behaviour mere demographic, psychographic, geographic aspects wouldn't be much useful. Without demographic, psychographic, geographic aspects, just buyer behaviour is not inadequate as you can't practically apply.

  • 04. How many personas do we need to create? How long it takes to create a single buyer persona?

    It depends on your marketing strategy, the resources you have to execute. But around 3-5 persona is generally enough. First focus on buyer persona who can give you maximum revenue in minimum time, so you can get buy-in from other stakeholders. Again, it depends upon the resources you have to research to find out a demographic, psychographic, geographic profile as well as conducting a buyer interview and then compiling everything and produce buyer persona.

  • 05. How long it takes to create a single buyer persona?

    Again, it depends upon the resources you have to research to find out a demographic, psychographic, geographic profile as well as conducting a buyer interview and then compiling everything and produce buyer persona.

  • 06. What needs to be taken care off, once I have created a buyer persona?

    • Use them. How you can apply in various functions of business such as sales, marketing, and customer service
    • Keep refreshing them as buyers are dynamic.

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